Accelerate’s unique understanding of sponsorship from the perspective of the sponsor, the event owner, the federation, the broadcaster and even the athlete will enable us to maximise ROI for our clients

Federation Consultancy

We develop and execute long term and sustainable strategies that produces an exciting product which enables the federation to grow commercially.

This is done through sponsorship sales, sponsorship liaison, contract delivery and commercial counsel.

Event Management


Together with the rights holder of the event, we undertake:

  • Logistical planning.
  • On the ground operations.
  • Marketing of the event through above and below the line marketing channels.
  • Event coordination.

Event Creation


We are passionate about creating events that have long term and commercial sustainability.

Working with sports and entertainment entities we create events for corporates, CSI initiatives and local municipalities that meet their specific needs and objectives.

Sponsorship and Media Rights Sales

We understand media rights and have served as the commercial agents to various national and international sports federations and event owners. On their behalf we create various sales documents in order to source sponsorship. Furthermore we negotiate these sponsorship agreements to provide the best distribution of media rights.

Strategic Sports Sponsorship Consultancy

  • Go to market strategy.

Review and understand clients business and strategic objectives. Assess the environment our clients are working with to identify unique compelling opportunities. Develop strategic ground breaking solution plans and ideas. Test ideas, fine tune and execute. Deliver and manage process.

  • Activations and leveraging.

From the go to market strategy we are able to conceptualize unique innovative activations that meet the requirements of our clients marketing strategy. This is done through a multitude of event, social media and experiential platforms.

  • Sponsorship evaluation.

We work with the best third party entities that allow us to gain comprehensive insight into the success and reach of sponsorships, using both qualitative and quantitative methodologies. We appreciate the importance of this as it provides the client credible analysis on their return on investment.

  • Sponsorship management.

We take a hands on approach by ensuring that our client’s contractual rights are met and provide a 365 day / 24hour service mechanism.