Caltex Eastern Cape Fuels The 2019 City Surf Series™


With clear intentions to become the only sustainable surfing series on the African continent in the next five years, alongside the ongoing transformation and development plans supporting Surfing South Africa; the City Surf Series™ welcomes Caltex Eastern Cape as the official CSI partner to the Series.

Dedicated to uplifting and growing surf communities in all event locations, the City Surf Series™ gives back to the local surf community by working alongside the national controlling body of the sport – Surfing South Africa (SSA) and incorporating SSA Learn to Surf Programs which are designed to foster and encourage surfing among young people, regardless of their background.

The Caltex partnership helps to fund the SSA Learn To Surf Programs that have become an integral part of the City Surf Series™. These programs provide underprivileged youth in the coastal communities the opportunity to be part of an International event. The boys and girls, from surrounding surf outreach program come down to the event, are provided with breakfast, lunch and event kit and then take part in a day of activities with accredited SSA coaches.

Caltex Eastern Cape Marketer CEO, Clive Berlyn, said that the company is excited to partner with Surfing South Africa and the City Surf Series™ as it speaks to the ethos and commitment to support events that provides the right platform to nurture and create the leadership potential that resides within the youth. “For us it is more than just being one of the top fuel providers in the Eastern Cape we take our responsibility to uplift the lives of our communities seriously – be it by supporting education, sport, healthy living and making a positive impact on the environment by introducing responsible practices. As business we should ensure that our communities and especially the youth, are given the chance to make this happen”.

Scheduled to take place in line with the SSA Learn To Surf Program is a community beach clean up at each competition site whereby the youth as well as members of the public are encouraged to get involved and help make an impact by picking up waste littered along the beach. Information will be shared on all CSS social media platforms, so that everyone can get involved in helping clean our beaches.

Collaborating with local NGO – Ocean Pledge – the kids will be educated about how to reduce, reuse and recycle single-use plastic and how the recycling bins work at each event.

Thanks to the local NSRI stations in each town that events are held – a water safety talk is part of the program as well and the kids learn about ocean safety and ocean awareness when at the beach. With drowning statistics at every 3 people out of 100 000, these talks are imperative to helping educate marginalized communities about how to be safe when at the beach.